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See the 3 hardest questions Mercy and Ike answer about their Love life

See the 3 hardest questions answer about Love life

See the 3 hardest questions Mercy and Ike answer about their Love life

See the 3 hardest questions answer about Love life

The popular couples to be, Mercy and Ike have shown their followers and fans another view of their love life and how far they have gone in making things work for them. Except that they were faced with answering the three hardest questions about their relationship.


The two lovers, Mercy and Ike have been planning on finding a lasting solution to the persistent disagreement they have been dealing with, and they think seeing a Therapist is one of the best solutions for the situation at hand. They have tried to see the possibilities of making it to a session with the Therapist and finally, they did.

Mercy and Ike on the latest edition of their reality TV show had an online session with Dr. Peter Ogunnubi who asked them the three hardest questions they might ever need to answer in their relationship.

Here are the three questions Mercy and Ike were asked during their session, and their answers were epic.

Is Anyone Forcing Mercy on You?

Ike was asked if there was anyone anywhere who is forcing him to get married to Mercy by force. This question became necessary because if they both have been having issues every now and then without leaving each other.

We know that the two lovers met on the BBNaija reality TV show and they have stuck to each other since then, but it was important to onto if they are still together out of their free will and not that there is a third-party influence forcing them to be together.

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Ike’s answer was kind of straight forward, just as if he knew the question the Therapist was about to ask him. He simply said “No”. Now that Ike said no one is forcing him to get married to Mercy, not even his family member, let us move to the next question.

Do You See Ike as the father of your children?

This is another way for asking if Mercy is truly serious about her relationship with Ike and if she is just using him to pass time till she gets the man of her dream.

If two adults are in a love relationship, it could end in either of these two ways; marriage or breakup. So if Mercy is not seeing Ike as the father of her children, then it means this relationship is just one of those things boys and girls do until they see the right man or when they find a man and put him on the right side of their body. That makes him the right man, isn’t it?

So Mercy said “yes” she does see Ike as the father of her children. The means, she is thinking of marrying Ike right? Or does the answer mean something else? Or at least she thinks she wants to give Ike some kids, and then Ike will be a daddy. Before we go on rejoicing over unborn children, here is the last question.

Do you see Mercy as a woman under your roof as your wife?

This is the second question for Captain Ike and we might want to believe he had more questions to answer because he is a man. Anyway, the doctor asked him if when he looks at Mercy, he sees a woman who will be in his house as his wife.

We all know that a girlfriend, babe, bae, or anything close to it does not look like being a wife, wifey, or whatever it is called in your circle.

This is one of the most important questions at least for this time in our society because you can have a child or even children for a man and still not be his wife. The consolation name for that status now is Baby Mama. So, it is not just being the mother of man’s children, but being in his house as a well honored and well catered for a wife.

Without thinking twice, Ike said yes and that sounds nice to hear and especially for Mercy’s ears.

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