The Biggest Winners Of Big Brother Naija 2020

The Biggest Winners Of Big Brother Naija 2020

BBNaija 2020: Meet the man behind the Big brother Voice (Video)

The Biggest Winners Of Big Brother Naija 2020


Obviously, from the onset, everybody knows Teerseer waya fondly called  was never interested in the grand prize of the show. What then could it be that would probably make a billionaire stoop so low to commune with the masses, before you crucify me, going by the antecedent of billionaire’s children that “African Magic” made us believe, they normally have shoulder pad to flaunt their arrogance? The African magic polluted the mind of Nigerians regarding wealthy fellas’ kids, their narratives were always centered around being a spoilt brat.

That aside, I would not want to buy the idea that, fame is what needs, getting famous in Nigeria is very cheap stuff provided you are “loaded”. At least is famous yet, she didn’t need the biggest reality platform to show forth herself, that is not where am heading to. Looking at it from another angle, priest, this guy did not need a superpower platform to corner fame. In essence, path to fame is more than a choice, he would have easily gotten it if he really needs to clinch to it without the help of the almighty Big Brother’s platform.

I’m heading somewhere, if it will be recalled, during one of Kiddwayas’ sessions while he was still in the big brother Naija lockdown edition show. He opined that he would have easily gotten to the previous edition if he really wanted to. You and I would agree with him, in Nigeria, money stops nonsense and breaks protocols. Well, looking at it, at the surface, we could say, coronavirus effect, instead of sitting home lazing around;  why not engage in some fun? runs a gym, due to the strict lockdown implementation in Abuja, the billionaire son would be forced to stay indoor all through. No sane father would allow his kid frolick about especially the way coronavirus navigated its way to the powerhouses of the country.
Well, this stuff is getting too long, lemme cut you some slack, watch the video below, pay strict attention to the details,


In the video above, said, my dad took 14 governors during Obasanjo’s tenure for his birthday party in London, and that caused a problem for him. For him to take 14 out of 36 governors out of Nigeria for a birthday party in the United Kingdom. Wow! Like it’s a fu*cking island to mainland something, there are levels to this stuff. Joke aside, there are many things ongoing in this nation that are unknown to the poor, work harder to be rich.

I’m getting close to my point, do not worry, you get to understand it soon. Not only that, also revealed, His dad helped a guy break free from prison in the United Kingdom. The story of the altruistic billionaire is endless.
Now, let’s start giving everything a meaning, during and Kiddwaya’s short time in the big brother house, both of them did some “sexual gymnastics” in the house. subjected herself to Kiddwaya, you know the bro code now, such awoof cannot waste.

In this life, have money, despite, all indications that Kidd was not in for something serious in the big brother’s house. Funny enough, the billionaire son said it to her face, but “I get coconut head, I no dey hear word” was blinded by the aura of Kiddwaya. He is cute, huge, fresh and most importantly he is wealthy. Typical Igbo DNA, if it is not making money, it’s not making sense.

I drifted away again, not anymore; is not the point of focus here. Before now, nobody knew about , Kiddwaya’s dad, at least the amidst the masses. . Kiddwaya in the show gives him the voice and popularity. The biggest winner of this is not even the actual winner, Laycon, do not argue “you and I sabi say, others just dey escort baba go carry trophy “.

, since he showed forth his face, he has been active on social media platforms, from granting interviews to the founder of OVATION magazine to reaching out to to charity. Hmmmm, it all points somewhere, lemme long this matter a bit, It will be recalled Kiddwaya and Cuppy are a very good friend, atleast, Kiddwaya confirmed it, a video posted by where she was spotted balling with Kiddwaya. At a point in time, Nigerians, “fear dem “this breed of human beings aired that, is Kidd’s girlfriend. Stylishly, debunks the rumor by placing herself for auction on the social media platforms. Time will tell, the real fact will be known.

Kiddwaya-Dj cuppy
However, from point of things, they are close, judging by the picture, its more of a family thing, what am I saying self? , birds of same feather flocks together. Are you a billionaire? Have you slept in a billionaire house before? if all your answer is noo, your background is known. #FEM.

Let keep on, its actually getting too long, lets end it now, Kiddwaya is not actually the goal, he was planted to promote the father. Either business or politics or whatsoever, there is more to Kiddwaya’s coming into the house. It’s not just because of fun alone or to connect as he claimed. There is more to it.

2023 is getting close, the Northern blocs are in hot pursuit to retain power, Elrufai might have been a perfect figurehead, but baba get ‘agidi” and he is not sellable, due to his innuancies in southern Kaduna. Sanusi might have been a better option but the dethroned emir, does not appeal to the extremist, he speaks against the culture of Almajiris. he won’t be widely accepted.

I feel like going on, well, if you read it to this part, you are the real MVP. Lemme cool your thirst. Kiddwaya gracing the changes a lot of bad narratives of rich dudes, his attitude in the house depicts his decent upbringing, his selfless attitude is a portrayal of the family. It is filled with love. Do not blame if she wants to turn to Mario on top kiddwaya. Everybody likes beta.. lolz


The Biggest Winners Of Big Brother Naija 2020  is the Waya’s , it gives them the popularity, they all have been craving for, now they have it, its left for them to manage it, if decided to use it in a political way, I can assure you, he gots a lot of support already, all thanks to the son Kiddwaya.



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